4 Reasons to Consider Healthcare Investment

Healthcare Investment

Which niche will you invest in Asia? Even though there are so many sectors offering wonderful opportunities, healthcare investment must be your major consideration. You sure need to study about the growth of this healthcare sector and some powerful reasons why you need to consider this niche.

Healthcare became the economy’s central part for more than a decade. Now this sector has moved from the situation where the fund from boutique private equity and the boutique lenders both focused on a specific healthcare sector to the spot where all of them spend more time in the broader healthcare sector.

Considering Healthcare Investment in Asia

Based on the data of KPMG, the private equity deals of global healthcare have doubled from the year of 2010 until 2011. A 2014 report states that over 209 healthcare buyouts happened in 2013. Also, the healthcare industry’s strategic deal value was up about 30%.

Still need some other reasons to choose the healthcare sector as your main Asia investment option?

  • Healthcare private equity scope

In 2013, over 16 billion USD were reportedly invested by the funds of private equity in the healthcare sector. North America was the one who led the healthcare investment activity. Their target was seven out of ten deals. You too can follow North America by determining the Asia investment strategy.

  • Categories of healthcare investment in Asia

Healthcare sector includes dozens of niches and broad categories. This sector includes the companies that are based in providers like the entities which actually serve the patients, healthcare lite, organizations that provide some services to healthcare providers, and the life sciences.

The sector that’s broken into some sub-sectors allows investors to spread which means your competitor in one sub-sector may be less than if you compete with many investors in the general healthcare sector.  You can now find the best Asia growth strategy for the sub-sector you choose.

  • The urgent care

Urgent care is one of the healthcare sub-sector that interested many investors to invest in. With the outbreak killing our people, urgent care is a needed sector. Standalone emergency departments and some simple units of urgent care need help to save more people.

The urgent care sector was expected to produce over 18 billion USD with over 12,000 urgent care clinics. In recent years, the investment of private equity in this sector has driven a wonderful expansion.

  • Urgent care that is specialized

The urgent care growth created the evolution of the urgent care that is specified to orthopedic. This specified healthcare sub-sector involved the urgent care development models that are centered on the particular specialties. This new sub-sector oftentimes created for orthopedic practice.

For investors who are still wondering if healthcare investment is the right option, the four reasons must be seriously considered. The outbreak makes the healthcare sector become the most needed sector around the world.

And Asia, where huge numbers of the population live in, is the best continent that is offering numerous opportunities in the healthcare sector. You should enter this continent and start investing in the healthcare sector.



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