Download Pokemon Claw Machine and Win Real Pokemon Prizes

Download Pokemon Claw Machine and Win Real Pokemon Prizes

Collecting Pokemon toys and figurines has become a hobby for many people. Now, you can double the fun in collecting this merchandise by playing a Pokemon claw machine game. This gaming app is a part of the Japanese Claw Machine app and you can install it on Android devices and iPhone.

Pokemon Claw Machine Sends Real Pokemon Prizes to You

Playing this particular online game is fun and exciting because the claw machine is very entertaining. The claw of this machine is easy to control and yet it provides challenges for the players that they will love playing this game.

The best thing about this gaming app is that it delivers real Pokemon toys and figurines to the winners’ address. The prizes are sent from Japan to all over the globe. Therefore, when you win a Pokemon prize from this claw machine, you will receive a real Pokemon toy or figurine to collect.

All the Pokemon toys and figurines provided by Pokemon claw machine are exclusive prizes that are only available in limited numbers because Japanese Claw Machine (JCM) has an exclusive contract with the creator of Pokemon characters.

Those Pokemon prizes are not available in stores. You cannot buy them either from the JCM app. The only way to get the Pokemon toys and figurines is playing and winning the claw machine. 

Pokemon soft toys and figurines are not the only prizes you can win, but you can also win Pokemon eco bags, Pikachu slippers and other merchandise from this app.

Why You Must Download the Claw Machine

 There are several reasons why you must download the claw machine with Pokemon prizes.

  • It is for Everyone

Everyone from all the countries in the world can play this claw machine because the app is available all around the globe. Moreover, it offers international shipping service to 60 countries. As a result, winners from any country will receive the Pokemon prizes they win.

  • It is Easy to Play

Over 13 million people have downloaded and played this game. Most of them said that they can control the claw of the machine easily. Therefore, it is no wonder that JCM has sent over 10 million prizes to the players.

The steps of playing this game are: 

  1. Download the claw machine.
  2. Choose the Pokemon toy or figurine you want to win.
  3. Play the claw machine and win the prize.
  4. Wait for the Pokemon prize to be delivered to you.
  • It is Entertaining

This gaming app is very entertaining. It provides 5 different claw machines to the players so that they will not be bored playing this game. If they think that one of the claw machines is no longer challenging, they can play other machines.

  • It Allows you to Collect Pokemon Merchandise at Low Budget

Pokemon toys and figurines can be expensive and some of them are even priceless because they are not for sale. However, if you get Pokemon merchandise from this claw machine app, you will only need to pay $1/ play. Therefore, you can have rare Pokemon collections at a low budget.

Collecting Pokemon toys and figurines via a claw machine mobile game is fun and very rewarding. You can win Pokemon prizes at only $1 and have fun playing the game


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