Market Research Myanmar Predicting How Challenging Business Competitiveness in This Country

business in myanmar

Have you heard about the country called Myanmar?

It may not sound slightly familiar as it was popularly known as Burma. Things people may only remember when the first time heard about this country will be about the conflict happening there.

However, from a few past decades, Myanmar has experienced political instability. But it doesn’t mean no one can’t build a business and invest in this country. 

Myanmar nowadays has become one of the largest countries in Southeast Asia for agriculture resources. The unknown country in the past decades now transforms to become gold mines.

There will be many things exciting to be discussed about Myanmar, and the exciting one is about business competitiveness. Market research Myanmar below will explain business competitiveness in this country.

Myanmar Business Market Overview

But first, it’s essential to understand competitiveness and how it affects the business market of the country.

Competitiveness theoretically takes a vital role in the case of good and effective market establishment. Local business generally increases competitiveness as investments from other countries enter into investing.

It happens due to the condition that they need to gain any shares from one another. 

On the other hand, based on market research Myanmar, competitiveness occurs in a country that can be seen as an essential thing in the case of the development performance of the national economy.

Mostly reports and researches take an object of competitiveness study in a developed country but it’s rarely found any competitiveness study and research that objecting to developing countries such as Myanmar.

How Does Business Competitiveness Look Like in Myanmar?

Myanmar, however, is granted by the graceful resource with an agribusiness industry but the something doesn’t look proper makes this country not developing well.

Myanmar is geographically nestled in Southeast Asia with a government led by military power.

That condition drives this country to a low and less economic growth development. Thus, an integration of national resources will be essential to do.

Myanmar has reportedly gained 3.33 scores for the competitiveness of the country which means it is a less point Myanmar has gotten.

However, that position was rising up three places. Though it may seem not that pleasurable, this country has reached the best position since the first time it’s covered in 2013 to the report.

Myanmar was positioned on the bottom place in “Emerging and Developing Asia” at that time.

Myanmar Business Competitiveness Conclusion

Some of the research and study objected to Myanmar reports that there will be an initial stage of economic development in this country.

Thus, although this country still attempts to develop its national competitiveness, direct improvement should be conducted comprehensively. The national competitiveness of Myanmar also leads this country to be more exploring and developing its resource.

Another essential thing any investors need to understand before entering the Myanmar market is about learning the national competitiveness.

Due to the decision that should be perfectly made by any company, by reading the market research Myanmar, those who intend to run business in Myanmar will be more understanding about business competitiveness in this country.


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