The Construction Sector is Expected to Continue to Grow in Qatar

qatar construction sector

Before we talking about market research in Qatar, we will get to know Qatar first. Qatar is one of the Arabian Gulf countries that produce oil and gas.

Oil and natural gas is the main government revenue source and the main economic product. With that economic source, Qatari has high income and some of them enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. Qatar’s economy is growing and in good condition.

Doha and Ar Rayyan are the two biggest cities in Qatar. Qatar is one of the oil-rich countries that will diversify its government revenue source. They will more open to liberalization and foreign investment. Young Qatari is more exposed to western culture.

Many of them are tech-savvy and have an interest in creative economic (non-conventional) and entrepreneurship. The e-commerce market in Qatar is expected to keep growing.

Market Research Qatar Rich People of Qatar Enjoy Luxurious Experience

Qatar will host the FIFA World Cup 2022.

No wonder, the construction sector is a business sector that grows fast. The construction sector is expected to be the fastest-growing market in the region (The Middle East and North Africa).

In addition to stadiums and residential areas, transportation infrastructure such as railroad construction is also carried out in Qatar. The tourism sector will be more developed to support the economic diversification of Qatar.

Here are two important things about young Qatari and fashion business in Qatar. 

Young Qatari is more tech-conscious. With many young people use a smartphone and other gadgets, new business opportunity rise.

Based on market research Qatar some business opportunity related to the young generation of Qatar is a fashion item, computer, gadget, and other electronic devices. Hijab or modest fashion is popular among Qatar women.

The reason is not only because Qatar is a Muslim country but also because of the high demand for a high-quality fashion item. 

With high income, most Qatari are more brand-conscious. The modest fashion industry is expected to grow in the region.

Jewelry and high-end ornament market is also a popular and potential market in Qatar. Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world. With high GDP, a luxury lifestyle is common to Qatar people. shows that products with a famous brand will easily accept by many rich people in Qatar.  There is some change in the way Qatari spending their money. In the past, buying expensive goods is the main expense. Today, they tend to spend their money to experience luxury.

Some examples of luxury activities they do are expensive dining, luxurious holiday, and attending an expensive art exhibition. 


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