Enjoy Thrilling Claw Machine Online Play from Singapore

Want to experience a new way of playing claw machines? Claw machine online play gives you a chance to feel the atmosphere of arcades by playing it anywhere.

Without having to be physically present in the arcades, any Singaporean player now can play a variety of interesting claw machines.

Anytime you need a quick escape from your busy daily routines, this game will give you a challenging experience. You might be thinking that playing claw machines will be difficult.

However, this game makes the gameplay so simple and easy to play along with plenty of prizes to win. 

5 Different Claw Machines to Win

Feel a never-ending thrill by trying to win five different types of claw machines that this game has. You can hone your skill by constantly playing each type so that you get used to it and know how to win it.

This continuous practice is pretty effective to let you be a claw machine champion. 

  • Ping-pong Ball

Want to try a different way of playing ping-pong? This game offers ping-pong balls that require players to catch the ping-pong ball with a chain and drop it into the slide.

When the ball slides and enters the colored hole, then you successfully win prizes in the game. 

  • Hang & Hook & Shake

Craving the cute game you commonly get from the claw machine in arcades? You need to try this claw machine game since it is thrilling and fun to play.

Just hook the pink rink first and try to catch the doll with that hook. Try to carry the doll and drop it in the middle of the machine to obtain the prize. 

  • Bridge Style

Beat the challenging bridge of this claw machine by catching the prizes with the chain. Move the chain above the rods which look like a bridge.

To win the game, you have to drop the price until it falls between rods so that you can get it. The challenge is sometimes the prize cannot pass the rods. 

  • Treasure Hunt

Finding the treasure will never be more exciting and simple than playing this game. Move the chain to the middle of the machine where the box contains prizes. It needs skills to pick the prizes between the confetti inside the box. Whenever you successfully catch the prizes you deserve the rewards. 

  • Bounded Machine

The last claw machine type is a bounded machine which is quite tricky to play. This machine will reward you if you hook the prizes and drop it until it slips through the rubber bands. 

Unlimited Claw Machine Online Play for Free

Installing this claw machine app allows you to get unlimited free plays if you obtain a limited-time offer.

This gives you five premium tickets which you can play on each claw machine to continuously play and improve the skills without any payment. It is a great opportunity for you to regularly win and be the champion. 

Experience thrilling claw machine online play from Singapore and you can get the arcade vibes without stepping outside the home. Not to mention numerous prizes that can be sent directly to your Singapore address once you win the game. 


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