Install Claw Machine Online Play and Win Real Prizes Now

Online Claw Machine App

Install Claw Machine Online Play and Win Real Prizes Now

Winning a prize from a claw machine in the arcade is fun and rewarding. However, now you don’t need to go to the amusement arcade to play this game and win real prizes since a claw machine online play app will give you the same experience, or even better.

The Best Claw Machine Online Play App to Download 

Not all claw machine apps offer fun and rewarding gaming experience to the players. Most of them do not provide real prizes to them. If you want to have a similar gaming experience to the one provided by the claw machine in the arcade, you need to download the best claw machine online play app.

This best app is Japanese Claw Machine Game Online. The app is compatible to Android smartphone and iPhone so that you can download the app from Google Play Store and App Store. Japanese Claw Machine or JCM gives real prizes to the players who win the game. 

Everyone in every part of the world can play this game and receive the prize they win because the app provides international shipping service. All of the prizes provided in this game are manufactured in Japan and sent from the same country.

JCM does send the prizes to the winners. There are more than 10 million of prizes sent to its players. To these days, there are over 31 million numbers of downloads and over 1000 players play this game daily.

Best Features of the Japanese Claw Machine 

What makes JCM the best claw machine game? Its excellent features make JCM the best claw machine app. Those features are:

  • Numerous Real Prizes

This online game has numerous real prizes for the players. They are under several categories.

  1. Soft Toys, for example a cute stuffed snoopy, a cute pillow, and other Japanese soft toy characters.
  2. Anime; it mostly consists of anime figures.
  3. Toys, for example a radio control car and a vending machine miniature toys.
  4. Electronics, for example a waterproof video camera and a wireless earphone.
  5. Food, for example Japanese cup noodles and 30 pieces of Japanese stick snack.
  • Five Claw Machine Choices

The best thing about JCM is it provides five claw machine choices for the players. These machines are Ping Pong Ball Claw Machine, Bounded Machine, Treasure Hunt Claw Machine, Hang and Hook and Shake Claw Machine, and Bridge Style Claw Machine.

Those different machines offer you different challenges. They are unique and have strong Japanese characteristics in them. One of the machines has many boxes of prizes and you have to slip one of them between rubber bands.

  • Easy to Play 

JCM is an easy to play game with easy to control claw. Once you installed the gaming app, you can start playing this claw machine by following these steps. 

  1. Choose the prize you want. 
  2. Control the claw and pick the prize. 
  3. When you get the prize, you need to drop it at the right area.
  4. Wait for the prize to be shipped to your address

You need to pay a $1 ticket per play to win real prizes. If you download this app today, you will get 5 free premium tickets to play JCM and get the real prizes for free. Before you play the real game, it is recommended for you to use the practice plays in order to sharpen your skill in playing the claw machine.



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