Claw Machine Japan Online and Assorted Toys to Win

With the presence of claw machine japan online, there is no reason to leave the house so you can stay healthy and happy by playing the exciting claw crane game at home.

If you can win the game, the prize you chose will be yours and shipped directly to your home from Japan.

The real prizes are going to be shipped via EMS or DHL so no matter where you live you can play the game and get the prize. No need to pay if you can use the premium tickets to get the entire prizes you want.

What prizes are promised by this claw machine game from Japan?

Claw Machine Japan Online Game and Prizes

Japan Claw Machine is a Japanese game developer that offers challenging games in 5 different game modes to play. And there are many prizes offered by Japan Claw Machine for the winners.

Below are only some prizes you can get by playing and winning the JCM claw crane game.

  • Awesome official Japanese toys

Three different Japanese toys can be yours if you win the game. The first one is the Bonsai-03 miniature toys. It is a 55 mm capsule bonsai that the original price is 10 dollars.

This limited edition toy will be yours for free or for a dollar if you can win it in one play.

Another toy you can win is a radio control car. An Audi RS 5 DTM (1859) radio control car that the original price is 20 dollars will be your prize by playing JCM claw machine game online using the premium tickets.

For girls, there are Peko-chan vending machine miniature toys. This limited edition toy’s original price is 150 dollars. Don’t you want to get it for free or for a dollar only? You better get the game now and start winning the entire toy.

  • Exclusive Japanese soft toys

There are 3 soft toys belonging to girls you can win by playing the Japan Claw Machine game. You can get this prize and give it to your girl to make her happy.

There is a Poteusa Roppy soft toy that is 27 cm and the original price is 20 dollars. You can choose one between different available colors.

And there’s also a big lying down Snoopy soft toy that comes in various color options as well. This soft toy’s original price is 30 dollars but why purchase it if you can get it for free? Play now and get this cut toy shipped to your home.

Another soft toy you can win is the premium Pom Pom Purin pillow.

Its original price is 15 dollars but you don’t need to spend any of your money by using the premium tickets to play claw machine japan online and win this soft toy along with many more prizes provided by Japan Claw Machine.

Wonderful Figurines to Win in This Game

A bunch of figurines can also be won by playing this game. Once you download the app, you are free to select the characters you want to get, such as Dragon Ball characters, Disney and Pixar characters, and many more.


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