Claw Machine Game Online Free and Its Features

Claw Machine Online Game

How can you play an online game at home and then get the real prize easily? By downloading, installing, and playing the famous claw machine game online free.

This game is for android and iOS devices and is offering various exclusive prizes from Japan to its players all around the world.

It is possible since Japan Claw Machine is using the service of EMS and DHL to ship the real prizes to your home. Since everything went online due to the pandemic, you will enjoy this amazing and challenging game at home.

Claw Machine Game Online Free and the Amazing Features

Japan Claw Machine is an online game offering so many toys, foods, and other things as the prize. If you choose toys to win, you’ll have the privilege to choose whether soft toys or figurines. 

The exclusive soft toys are the best prize for girls while the official figurines will complete the boys’ collection.

Why does this Japan Claw Machine’s claw crane game become one of the most recommended games to play at home? 

Unlike the other claw crane games you can find in the Google Play Store and App Store, there are some awesome features you will find in this game:

  • Easy user interface

As the game developer, Japan Claw Machine completed the online claw crane game in 2 languages: Japanese and English in order to help you understand how to play the game so you can win the prize easily.

When you play the game, there will be instructions in both languages. If you are a Japanese player, you can get the details in your mother tongue. But if you are from another country, read the instructions in English in the online claw machine and win real prizes.

  • Challenging game modes

You won’t get bored in playing this claw machine game since Japan Claw Machine offers 5 game styles that will always challenge you in different ways: bounded machine style, hang & hook & shake style, treasure hunt style, ping pong ball style, and bridge style.

You can practice playing those challenging game modes before you start trying to play and win the prizes you desire. Start with the easiest game mode or style first. 

If you can win the prize in that mode, move to the more challenging game style to win the other prizes in different ways.

  • Shipment to other countries

Even though Japan Claw Machine is based in Japan, it will give you the real exclusive prize wherever you live. DHL and EMS services are going to bring you the prize you won. 

If there is a problem with the shipment, simply contact the Japan Claw Machine through the chat feature to get help about the game.

Many prizes are offered by this Japan Claw Machine. Before you start playing a claw machine game online free, the app will ask you to choose the prize you desire first.

You can choose Pokémon, Dragon Ball, Demon Slayer, or even Disney figurines and toys to be your prize. Then you can win to get the prize.


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