3 Playing Methods of Claw Machine Game Online Canada


Amusement parks are full of awesome games everyone can play. Many of those games can now be played at home, on your smartphone.

One of those games will be the amazing claw machine game online Canada. Can this online game make you feel like playing the real one?

Out there, the original crane games are available in so many different types. You can use the claw to take the prize you want.

Some crane games allow you to use different methods. The online version of the claw machine game also offers different methods you can use to grab your prize.

Different Methods to Win the Claw Machine Game

Different playing methods will provide different difficulty levels. You can always try the easiest one before playing the harder levels.

Different apps may have different methods. But here are the most common methods you can use to play online claw machine game:


  • Hang, hook, and shake method

This unique playing method is not like the classic method. If the classic claw machine has a claw you can directly use to claw the toy or prize, this one is a little bit different. There will be a pink rink attached to the claw. The pink ring is going to be the key to win the prize.

Your task will be moving the claw and directing the pink ring. Then hook the ring instead of the claw to drop the prize to the hole. If you can make it the prize will be yours. Wait for the game developer to ship it to your home.

  • The bridge game method

Here is the easier method than the first one above. This method allows you to claw the prize directly using the claw of claw machine game online Canada. But instead of a hole where you can drop the prize, there will be some rods above the hole.

The prize you desire must be dropped to hole after passing the rods. If the prize you claw stuck on the rod and don’t fall to the hole, you lose. This means you need to repeat the game and try to get the prize passes the rods to be delivered to your residence.

The bounded claw machine game

Another unique way to play this claw machine game is the bounded machine method. In this method, you’ll see the prizes in the glass box, just like the classic method. Then there will be a hole to drop the prize you want.

But there are rubbers above the hole, which sound similar to the previous method, right?

Just like the second method above, the prize you want must be clawed and then dropped to the hole, passing the rubbers.

If your prize doesn’t fall through the rubbers, you can’t bring it home. If you can get the prize, just wait for EMS or DHL to bring it to you.

Every claw machine game online Canada offers different ways to play the game and to win the toys. If you want to win as many prizes as possible, make sure you understand how to play the entire method.


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