Cambodia Market Research: How Public Healthcare Remain as Minor Development

healthcare market research in cambodia

Most of the Southeast Asia countries facing a significant improvement in the economic sector.

However, several countries such as Cambodia still have a huge problem due to healthcare services.

Cambodia market research focusing on healthcare issues found there is still a lack of ability and budget for the healthcare sector.

It is quite complex to resolve even that the problems are simple. 

Cambodia Healthcare Strategic Plan 2016-2020

Five years ago, Cambodia healthcare and government-created The Health Strategic Plan 2016-2020.

Aiming to provide approximately 1 thousand healthcare facilities and 8 thousand private healthcare facilities across Cambodia.

In fact, the situation happened in different ways especially for those who lived in rural area with poor economy situation. It is one of the biggest problems to overcome right now. 

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen does also choose to seek medical treatment abroad. Thus, it is proof that the local healthcare facility still has a lack of trust from local people.

Becoming the fastest growing GDP in the region, shown by the increase of 7 percent GDP last year. Still, people in Cambodia choose to travel abroad for better healthcare treatment. 

In 2016, the number of populations going abroad for healthcare services approximately 15.76 million.

Around 24 and 30 percent of them travel to Vietnam and Thailand. They are the number one nationality among other foreign patient in recent Bangkok hospitals.

Shows that policymakers should focus on adding more healthcare quantity and quality and open more Cambodia market research in healthcare. 

Revealing the Real Public Healthcare Situation in Cambodia

Lack of healthcare quality

Research says that policymakers in Cambodia still not attached greater movement in healthcare. Most of the facilities lack sufficient human capital and resources.

Thus, the population could not meet any expectations for better healthcare services.

Most of the workers complained about the lack of hygiene and the high cost of service in several hospitals. Commonly happen in rural and borders area. 

Need to travel abroad for better healthcare 

Cambodian people who live across the border seek for healthcare treatment in bordering countries.

There is a minor doctor or human resource were capable to handle some specific illness. The ministry of health needs to further deploy greater resources in rural area.

Thus, all people can have the same services in healthcare and would need to increase their budget for healthcare issues. 

Cutting healthcare budget in 2019

In fact, the Cambodian government decreased its budget for healthcare in 2019.

They were cutting 30 million Dollars from the 2018 budget and allocating around 455 million only.

A significant number of modern healthcare facilities only happen around big region. For example, the Rolay Phnom Penh Hospital, Sunrise Hospital, and Khema Hospital.

It is quite different from the situation when Cambodia does receive some funds for healthcare issues.

On the other hand, the government needs to take some serious action if they want to manage this problem. The money does not really go well to handle this problem since there are still many of them seek healthcare services abroad.

New opportunities and challenges happen around Cambodia’s healthcare player.

However, Cambodia market research in healthcare still meets the complex situation. To ease entry into the market, Cambodia healthcare consulting can help. You can contact and know more market research with them.

Thus, population whose lived across the border still seek for healthcare service abroad.

They would like to meet better service and standards while in Cambodia there is only one hospital that adopts the international standard.


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